Zingiber Officinale Uses Dose & antidote

Zingiber Officinale Uses And Dose

Zingiber Officinale Uses And Dose

Zingiber officinale


* States of debility in the digestive tract, and sexual system and respiratory troubles; call for this remedy.

* Complete cessation of function of kidneys.


- Hemicrania; sudden glimmering before eyes; feels confused and empty.

- Pain over eyebrows.


- Feels obstructed and dry.

 - Intolerable itching; red pimples.


- Taste of food remains long, especially of bread and toast.

- Feels heavy; like from a stone.

- Complaints from eating melons and drinking impure water. Acidity. [Calc.; Robinia.]

 Heaviness in stomach on awakening with wind and rumbling, great thirst and emptiness.

- Pain from pit to under sternum, worse eating


- Colic, diarrhea, extremely loose bowels.

- Diarrhea from drinking bad water, with much flatulence, cutting pain, relaxation of sphincter. - Hot, sore, painful anus during pregnancy.

- Chronic intestinal catarrh. - Anus red and inflamed.

- Hemorrhoids hot; painful, sore. [Aloe.]


- Frequent desire to urinate.

- Stinging, burning in orifice.

- Yellow discharge from urethra.

- Urine thick, turbid, of strong odor, suppressed. –

 Complete suppression after typhoid.

- After urinating, continues to ooze in drops.


- Itching of prepuce.

- Sexual desire excited; painful erections.

 - Emissions. Respiratory - Hoarseness.

- Smarting below larynx; breathing difficult.

 - Asthma, without anxiety, worse; toward morning

- Scratching sensation in throat; stitches in chest.

 - Cough dry; hacking; copious morning sputa.


 - Very weak in all joints.

- Back lame.

- Cramps in soles and palms. Relationship

- Compare: Calad.

Zingiber Officinale Antidote:

- Antidote: Nux.


Use 30 potency

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