Seddulbahir 32 Saat Episode 1 with Urdu Subtitles

Seddulbahir 32 Saat Episode 1 with Urdu Subtitles

The series, which contains many famous actors, tells about the legendary 32-hour war in Seddulbahir. Sets were installed in five different locations in Canakkale for this series. Seddulbahir in urdu,Seddulbahir Episode 1,Seddulbahir Episode 1 in Urdu Subtitles,Seddulbahir,Numerous outfits and weapons were prepared to show the audience the period. The trenches and bastions that will be used in the battle scenes were created after an 8-month study. This mini-series, which started shooting in 2016, is planned as four episodes and its footage is completed in about four months.

Seddulbahir 32 Saat Episode 1 with Urdu Subtitles


The First World War is still ongoing and the Ottoman Empire needs new soldiers. Sergeant Mehmet writes a letter and tells his family that he is doing well. Meanwhile, Major Mahmud Sabri prepares his soldiers against the British attack. The British have to go through Canakkale to take Istanbul. Ottoman soldiers started to defend the Canakkale Strait against the British, French, Anzac, and enemy soldiers from many different countries. Hussein talks to the soldiers who came to his village and decides to join the war to see his father for the last time. Blacksmith Ramiz volunteers and leaves his little son with Hatice. Hassan, the son of Ramiz, cannot easily accept this separation.

Hussein, Ramiz, and many soldiers arrive in Canakkale. Hussein requests permission from the commanders to go to his father, but finding Sergeant Mehmet will not be easy for him. Hussein’s lover Zeliha can’t take it any longer and goes to Canakkale as a nurse. On the 25th of April, the British start bombing Seddulbahir from the ships. Turkish soldiers remain in their trenches and try to stop the British soldier who landed on the beach. The German Marshal Limon Pasha learns that the British are taking action, but says that this is a fake attack and that the main attack will come from another shore. Ottoman Pashas say that they need more soldiers to protect Seddulbahir and that this point should be supported. Marshal Liman Pasha opposes the Ottoman Pasha and does not send support.

Although Ottoman soldiers were fewer than the British in number, they continued to protect the homeland. Major Mahmud Sabri is looking for a way to help his soldiers. Liman Pasha insists that these attacks are fake and does not send support to Seddulbahir. Cevat Pasha cannot understand the decision of Marshal Liman not to send support and sends an expedition group to Seddulbahir. Major Mahmud Sabri learns that the British are slowly advancing on the shore and sends the last soldiers on the front. Nurse Zeliha asks the injured soldiers who come to the first aid tent where Hussein is and whether he is alive. Major Mahmud Sabri decides a counterattack to stop the British advance, and Turkish troops begin the assault.

Cevat Pasha understands the true plan of Marshal Liman and goes to his office to face him. Cevat Pasha tells that Germans extended the war in Canakkale to save time in Europe. Liman cannot speak because of the emergence of the plan. Cevat Pasha says that they will win this war just like March 18 and goes out. During the attack, Hussein falls to the ground and remains among the dead soldiers. Zeliha sees Mehmet at the headquarters and asks him questions about Hussein. Mehmet worries more about Hussein and starts looking for him. Halil Sami Pasha comes to the headquarters and talks to Major Mahmud. Halil Pasha congratulates the soldiers for their struggle. Major Mahmud Sabri proposes another attack to stop the British completely but Halil Pasha reminds him of the waiting decision by Liman. Halil Pasha cannot take it any longer and decides to do something for support. Meanwhile, Marshal Liman learns the latest situation in Canakkale. With the great efforts of Major Mahmud Sabri and Lieutenant Colonel Mustafa Kemal, Marshal Liman has earned the time he wanted.


Turkish soldiers return to the headquarters after the attack. Hussein’s friends are worried about him and they try to find out where he is. Mehmet learns that his son is going to conflict but is not back. This news makes Mehmet very sad. Major Mahmud Sabri holds a short meeting with the officers and talks about the latest events. Major Mahmud Sabri makes a new plan to stop the British advance and tells the plan to officers. Mehmet talks to Major and says he wants to join the expedition group to call his son. Major Mahmud Sabri accepts this offer. Then Ramiz talks to Mehmet and reads the letter from the village to him. Hussein hides among the dead soldiers and sneaks up after the British go. Mehmet returns to the battlefield and starts looking for his son. Meanwhile, Hussein secretly approaches the British and watches them. Mehmet and Ramiz cannot find Hussein and think that he may have been caught by the British.

Major Mahmud Sabri takes several soldiers with him and sets out to support Mehmet. When Mehmet and Ramiz search for Hussein, the British attack again. The Major sees this attack and tries to help Mehmet. As Turkish soldiers try to resist British machine guns, Hussein comes out of hiding and neutralizes the British. Mehmet sees his son’s heroic attack from afar and realizes that he is alive. The major and soldiers return to the main headquarters, but Hussein still has not arrived. A small group of soldiers comes to the headquarters for help. Major Mahmud Sabri receives an attack order and acts around three o’clock at night. The soldiers leave the headquarters to enter the attack position. Meanwhile, Hussein comes to the headquarters with a machine gun he captured. Zeliha sees Hussein and hugs him.

Major Mahmud Sabri and the Turkish soldiers stopped the British attack, but later the British ships started bombing the Turkish trenches. Zeliha is afraid that something will happen to Hussein and worries. Hussein sees martyrs and injured from the front. The British continue to bomb heavily and prepare to attack once again. Major Mahmud Sabri learns that new supports are coming from Anatolia and devises a new plan to defend Seddulbahir. Hussein comes to the Major and asks him for a new mission. Major sends Hussein to get a shipping car. The doctor and Zeliha are prepared to transport severely injured patients. While looking for a horse cart, Hussein encounters Mustafa Kemal and talks to him.

Mehmet makes a plan to attack the British stuck in a village and takes action immediately. Turkish soldiers prepare grenades and start waiting for an attack order. The British commander takes action to fully capture the village and kill the Turks. As Mehmet and the soldiers prepare for the attack, the order to withdraw will surprise them. Ramiz and the soldiers make a decision together. This decision is not to be withdrawn. A remaining group of Turkish soldiers says they do not want to retreat and want to resist the British until they die. Hussein returns to the headquarters and conveys what Mustafa Kemal told him. Hussein learns that Major will go to support Seddulbahir and asks for permission to go with him. Meanwhile, Mehmet cannot stand any longer and goes to speak to the British soldiers at the entrance of the village. Mehmet asks the British why they came here and what they are doing here. Major Mahmud Sabri and Hussein participate in this conversation. Major says that the British cannot advance anymore. In the last scene of the series, Ramiz and Mehmet return to their village. Hatice asks where her son is, but cannot get an answer.

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Seddulbahir 32 Saat Episode 1 in Urdu Subtitles


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