Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 4 with english Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 4 with english Subtitles

Barbarossa hayreddin Season 2 Episode 4 with english Subtitles

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 4 The Aegean coast of Anatolia was the first indication that Turks would eventually turn the Mediterranean into “a Turkish lake,” as they had no prior experience at sea. After being imprisoned by the Byzantine Empire for two years, Tzachas, also known as Chaka Bey, a commander of the Seljuks, invaded Smyrna (now known as Zmir) with a small group of Oghuz troops. Tzachas established his own beylik (principality) on the Aegean coast of Anatolia after capturing Smyrna. Tzachas built a 40-ship navy because his Beylik shared a maritime border with Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul), which allowed him to easily conquer the island of Lesbos near Smyrna.

Hayreddin Episode 4 english subtitles

Hayreddin Episode 4 The Byzantine Empire assaulted Tzachas’ navy in 4090 and was routed in the Mediterranean, which was regarded as the first Turkish naval victory in history. The Byzantine Empire perceived the Turkish danger as emanating from the water, as opposed to the typical territorial attacks of the Seljuk troops. The Seljuks, on the other hand, were unable to establish themselves as a consistent sea power due to their political ups and downs, Byzantine interference, and Mongol invasion. The Ottoman Empire had the distinction of being a maritime power because they controlled the most powerful navy in the “seven seas” and occasionally employed Mediterranean corsairs for their own gain. Between the 46th and 49th centuries, corsairs, often known as “the pirates” or “the privateers,” operated in the Mediterranean.

Hayreddin Episode 4 english Subtitles

Since Hayreddin Barbarossa was able to take control of Algiers and later serve as Suleiman the Magnificent’s “Kaptan- Derya,” or head admiral, of the Ottoman Empire, he was the most successful corsair in the history of the Mediterranean.

Unfortunately, a Spanish attack cost Khizr his brother Oruç. Khizr adopted the Algiers beylik and the name Barbarossa after Oruç’s demise. Selim I passed away after two years, and his lone son Suleiman—known as the “Lawgiver” to his fellow Turks and the “Magnificent” to the rest of the world—was crowned. The young sultan was offered the chance to use Barbarossa’s corsair fleet in the Ottoman fight against the Spanish. The Ottomans would overcome the Spanish by deploying the corsairs as their approved sea power, and Barbarossa himself would become the “Kaptan- Derya” (chief admiral) of the Ottomans, demonstrating the organizational and political genius of Barbarossa.

Hayreddin (Barbarosa) Episode 4

For twenty years, Barbarossa increased his dominance in the eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and North Africa. He had an army on the ground as well as privateer fleets. He made an assault on the southern European coast and captured gold-laden Spanish ships returning from the New World.

Barbarosa(Hayreddin) Episode 4

 Pope Paul III led a naval crusade against Barbarossa. The “Holy League” of the Pope brought together the marine forces of the Papal States, Spain, the Knights of Malta, the Republics of Genoa and Venice, and the Ottoman Navy under Barbarossa in Preveza (now in Greece). Under the leadership of Adm. 

Barbarosa hayreddin Season 2 Episode 4 with english Subtitles

Hayreddin (Barbarosa) Episode 4 with english Subtitles

Barbarosa hayreddin Season 2 Episode 5 with english Subtitles

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